Dried White Roses Meaning With Withered Petals And Symbolism

What Does It Mean If The White Rose Gets Dried?

dried white roses

Dried white roses mean that a person with integrity can bear and holdup losses of anything, even his life, but cannot choose to lose his high standard of morals and merit. He is against injustice and wrong decisions. An honest soul will always obey the law-abiding principles of society. This is exactly what the withered white roses teach us a person with honor always choose to stand for the righteous things.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

~Martin Luther King~

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Curious about finding the meaning of dried white roses? Congrats, you are in the right place.

If you want to communicate without saying a word, then withered white roses are the best choice and they definitely have a mighty impact on the people because of their charismatic icon. They can share all the buried secrets in their hearts with their loved ones with the help of white roses. I never got so much great inspiration better than a dried white rose.

Beautiful Withered White Roses
Beautiful Withered White Roses

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From Where White Rose Starts To Dry

A white rose starts to dry from the roots and then stems. It shows great resistance but because of the cruelty and ruthlessness of its surrounding, it continues to dry. Lastly, the petals and the rosebuds get dried and it has no other option but to leave this world.

Till its last breadth, this phenomenal flower fights for the right and does not give up. Dried white roses represent that I have come a long way for your love and respect of you but am unable to get the desired results that I wanted and deserved. That is why I quit now but cannot even think to live without you.

Withered White Roses Petals
Withered White Roses Petals

I will always live in your heart and mind but now, I have nothing to offer you just like a dried white rose. I do not have any fragrance now that I had when I was alive and struggling hard to get you but every time you opposed me and neglected my honor and emotions. I can listen to everything but insult is not one of them. I stand tall by my dignity and nobility. I do not allow anyone to say anything bad about me, which is even though I am not.

Single Dried white rose
Single Dried white rose

Dying White Rose

A dying white rose represents that these are the last days of my life and if you did not do anything to save me, I would be dried and shrink. I am witness to all the toughness that I have gone through but everything has a limit as my persistence does. Now I have reached the point that I cannot take bear this toughness anymore.

“Death is Preferable to Loss of Virtue”

History has witnessed such great people that have chosen their honor and self-respect instead of slavery life. My rules and my heart do not allow me to acknowledge your false and wrong statements, just like a white rose, that it would choose death but would not surrender to the evil forces. It is a flower of peace and justice.

Dried White Rose Petals Meaning

The color of the petals of the dried white rose is a mixture of peach and light pink shades and it signifies its dignity of it. The petals and the bud of the rose become hard when it gets dried and becomes easy to separate them from other petals.

All the petals can then be easily separated from the stem and all the parts of the white roses are divided and segregated. Every part of the white rose symbolizes the idea of perseverance and honesty.

Dried White Roses Bouquet
Fully Dried white roses

Conclusion Of Dried White Roses Meaning

Every one of us can learn a lot of things from dried white roses. As a leader of our home or a team, we can observe from this beautiful flower that everything is acceptable but cannot compromise on honor and respect. 

The world always remembers those who sacrificed their lives for good reasons and never forgot them. The dried white roses have taught us that resilience has no limits when strong souls start to do.

It implies on all the leaders and individuals have some authority to dictate and brief. These withered white roses are a great way to observe their principles and laws. Personally, I have never seen such a rose or a flower that shows so much resistance in opposition to the illegal actions of its surroundings.

Love, honesty, pride, and respect are the top priorities of a white rose with lilies. Because of its braveness and courageous intentions of it, this flower can easily choose death against all injustice.

“Justice will overtake fabricators of lies and false witnesses”

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by Shameer Shah
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