White Roses Meaning, Symbolism, & History (Explained)

White Roses Meaning

White roses flowers
White roses flowers

White roses represent simplicity, honesty, and true attachment toward a person that is being respected and honored. Every single part of the white rose means purity with eternal love. Starting from the roots to stems and finally, the petals which also form the rosebuds. They symbolize eternal love with remembrance and emotions towards a person or group of people.

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“Won’t you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you.”

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

What do white roses mean to a woman?

Women are as pure as white roses. These both compliment each other beauty & love. White rose to a woman means respect with a lot of love from the heart. They both possess crystal clear hearts with only the intention of love & loyalty

Meaning Of Long Stem White Roses

I was sitting in a park and saw a beautiful white rose. Suddenly, I was was curious that what these charming flowers mean and what they symbolize.

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The long stems of white roses mean that the foundation of our love should be strong and powerful enough that no one can even think of damaging it. We should always treat everyone with esteem. The principles of our relationship should be true and crystal clear. This is the only way we can have a peaceful and honorable life with each other.

I have not seen a more beautiful and attractive flower than a long stem white rose. These are such elegant and cute flowers. Anyone can lay the foundation of trust and confidence with these roses.

White Roses big bouquet
White Rose big bouquet

Meaning Of Small White Roses

The small white roses have their own uniqueness and charms. These small flowers do not mean that they are less loving than any other rose. These little delightful and enchanting roses reflect the loving and caring sense of another person’s heart. They are totally based on emotions and well wishes.

White Rose Biblical Meaning

The biblical meaning of white roses is, they are a part of Christianity and they denote Virgin Mary. Every petal of them have a remembrance related to the biblical meaning of white roses. It shows us true love and pure emotions toward one specific person without any personal cause. A lot of sacrifices are needed to build such a trustworthy relationship.

Ultimately, this mesmerizing flower is a complete package when it comes to expressing your thoughts to someone. Always respecting, honoring, loving, and appreciating people is the meaning of white roses. It has proven with time that friendship, hope, and love are connected to them. Such a charming and glorious flower it is.

Many people believe that initially, roses were thorn less but with time as evil entered the world, the roses also grew thorns. But the beauty and the true power of white roses are still greater than the evil forces. This also gives me inner strength and peace that still, there is goodness in this world.

Small White Rose
Small White Rose

“It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses we must plant more trees”

“George Eliot”

What is The Meaning Of White Rosebud

White rosebuds reflect a state of girlhood. It means that the rose or the person is in the initial stage of starting a new beginning of life or a new chapter in their life. They are ready to enter the new world to show what they are capable of and recognize their truths in it. Also, the buds of white roses are so tightly in contact which shows the true and real significance of support and help. We all should follow & apply this unity in our societies to make our surroundings strong.

White Rose Bud
White Rose Bud

White Rose Bouquet Meaning

A big bouquet of white roses means that we are together to support each other in this world. We are emotionally connected and if anything happens, we will not leave behind any of us. A real and true heart-to-heart connection and trust in another person is one of the greatest messages of white roses.

It symbolizes the true power of team spirit and reinforces your members and partner. Just like the bouquet of roses, if all the people are with each other, everyone would be cheerful, happy, and strong. My joy and confidence boost up because of these roses. Shine like sunflowers and white roses.

White Rose Bouquet
White Rose Bouquet

What do white roses mean in the language of flowers?

Thousands of languages are there to speak and understand but if you want to sense and experience the immense feel of a language, then it is the language of flowers. Various roses represent different and unique meanings of their own. I have told everything about the meaning of white roses in this article, so my users can get all the essential knowledge they want. Very rich information is being given regarding these glorious roses.

White roses meaning in floriography are a way of communicating to other’s people hearts directly and conveying your thoughts of good wishes to them. They reflect purity and emotions in floriography because of their color and uniqueness.

Multiple White Roses
Multiple White Roses

What Did White Roses Mean In The Past

In recent times, white roses were strictly known for admiration, honor, respect, and fame. When people came to know about the beauty and charisma of this charming flower, they associated it with just respect and honor. All they show is peace and law.

It was also considered as for teenaged and young ladies are not ready for love. They need more time to understand the true definition of innocence and positivity. 

“The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose”

Kahlil Gibran

Present-day and Latest Meaning of White Roses

Nowadays, they are known for the beginning of a new era or expressing to someone close to your heart that he or she is the most respected and loved person in your life. 

Scientific and Other names of the white rose

It is also termed Rosa-alba by the ancestors of Europe of old times. Rosa-alba is the scientific name of the white rose which is the emblem of the House of York or the white rose of York which was the house that fought in England’s civil wars for the throne power to achieve.

This exceptionally appealing and attractive flower is also known by some other names. Like the bridal rose because it shows new life and a positive approach.

Scientific Name of white rose
Scientific Name of white rose

Different Meanings of White Roses at Various Events

People love to share roses with each other especially white roses as it is directly conveying a message about respect and honor. 

But different occasions and events represent other meanings for giving these roses. So be careful and always research before selecting the flower

Let’s say, if your friend has died, you can give him white roses to your at his funeral. This act of kindness will bring confidence and build love between the two of you.  Other special events are also favorable to give such as medicinal purposes.

Bunch Of White Roses
Bunch Of White Roses

History Of White Roses

Before giving it to anyone you want, find out the historical background of the white roses that you need to know. Different ancient times tell us several factors regarding this flower. 

  • Greece Influence
  • England’s Era
  • For Christianity

“We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses blooming outside our windows today”

“Dale Carnegie

Greece Influence:

History is being witnessed that there was a goddess of love and beauty, named Aphrodite. She was called “The Greek goddess of love and beauty”. But the name of Aphrodite was changed to “Venus” by the Romans. Her character was influenced by love, sexuality, and appealing charms. Many people of Greece offered white roses to the goddess as an acknowledgment of the beauty of the goddess.

Iliad was a war fought between the city of Troy and the Greeks. She was one of the three goddesses present at the wedding that caused the Trojan War. 

Color of white rose

It’s been said that the color of all the roses was white initially but when Aphrodite accidentally pricked her foot on a plant’s thorn there, a few drops of blood dripped on the white roses making them red. That was one of the saddest moments about white roses. Cupid or Eros then shot an arrow at the stem from the high skies that made the thorns grow. That’s how the other colors of roses were formed.

  • Greeks used to give flowers, especially white roses at the temples to show worship and solidarity to the temples. 
  • Offering white roses to the woman was considered a man to see her as the goddess of his life. Since these flowers were associated with Aphrodite. 
  • Many vibrant and pleasant colors of roses are there but what a white rose carries is just unmatchable. The charming charisma and pure emotions with innocence sum up the belief and respect for another person.
Blooded White Rose
Blooded White Rose

England’s Era 

White Rose’s influence was constantly increasing with time. In the 14th century, a war was fought between the Duke of York and the Lancaster family, held during King Henry VII’s reign which is known as the “War of the Roses”.

White roses represented The Duke’s family while red roses represented the Lancaster family. Since roses were representing the two fighting ends, hence the name of the war was given “War of the Roses”. During England’s era, when Queen Victoria 1840 walked down the aisle with a beautiful white rose bouquet, everyone made it essential for themselves to carry and use a white rose bouquet at weddings. The people of England were so impressed by the new tradition of carrying a bouquet of white roses.

Aphrodite and Queen Victoria both were showing clear aspects of the feminine body with purity and emotions. 

“The world is a rose, smell it, and pass it to your friends”

“Persian Proverb

For Christianity

White Roses represent the Virgin Mary. She is also called by some people the “Mystical Rose of Heaven,” She was very deeply in love with the characteristics of white roses and because of her affection for these flowers, they became popular in medieval gardens.

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Different Number of White Roses With Meaning

You will be amazed to know that a different number of white roses represents several meanings of it. Starting from a single flower to a count of 100 and so on. So before giving it to your loved ones, read the below table to know the diverse sense and choose the right number.

Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 1A single white rose is the loveliest way of expressing heart feelings directly to your sweetheart. It also means love at first sight.
Total Count 2Love is achieved from both ends. Mutual understanding with Reciprocated love.
Total Count 3You are the person who melted my heart. Crazily in love with you. I care about you or simply, “I Love You”.
Total Count 4We are meant to be together for our whole life and no one can come between us.
Total Count 5To show or express love to a close friend or a partner. I will care for you my whole life.
Total Count 6When you like someone from the deepest part of your heart, the 6 white roses show that I just want to be yours.
Total Count 7Compliment someone’s beauty or honor them with 7 white rose bouquets. It also shows that we are made for each other.
Total Count 8Show support to your friends or family members by presenting them with a beautiful bouquet of these beautiful flowers. It tells them, I am with you at every stage of life.
Total Count 9There are things that we wish would happen. If you couldn’t tell the person before about your passion and desire for them, it is time now for a new beginning & new life. It is time now for 9 roses.
Total Count 10There are very close friends in our lives whom we want to tell that they are just brilliant and amazing in every sense we see them.
Single White Rose
Single White Rose
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 11Being loyal and honest is the prime feature of a couple or any friend or family. 11 white roses show all the everlasting love and respect being given to one person.
Total Count 22A dozen white roses is a way of asking that would you be the person to be with me till the end of my life.
Total Count 13It is for most special persons in our life. It tells that you complete me with your presence. True emotions and remembrance is the ultimate way to be with each other. 
Total Count 14It can be for your children or your best friends, showing that they made you proud at every stage of the life
Total Count 15There are two meanings. The first is a way of apology and the second one is expressing to someone that our love gonna last forever.
Total Count 16Wishing your close ones very good luck on their journey. It is also called Bon Voyage in French.
Total Count 1717 white roses are just for the most special person in a man’s life, which is his wife. Express your emotions with innocence and purity by giving 17 white roses.
Total Count 18May your beauty, respect, and admiration continue no matter what happens? Always give a warm welcome to your sweetheart. 
Total Count 19As I mentioned earlier that there are things which we cannot get in our lives but still we love to wait for them. It is a way of expressing a notable person that I will wait for you forever.
Total Count 20When everything has been done right and you are getting well wishes with positivity, it’s a beginning of a new era and life. It is an announcement that we are honest with each other and together forever.
white rose Symbolism
white rose Symbolism
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 21Serious couples can use 21 white roses’ bouquets to assure your partner that I am enacting and committed with you.
Total Count 22Life is a long journey. Everyone needs the other person’s moral support. It is a sign of good luck, affection, team spirit, and friendship.
Total Count 23Many people we know that we just want to be joyful and delighted.
Total Count 24Two dozen white roses mean that you are the one ruling my heart and my mind. Your presence is a remembrance of a new beginning.
Total Count 25Want to congratulate your beloved one as they won something or want to keep their morale high. Then 25 white roses bouquet is the best choice.
Total Count 26Cherish and honor your heartiest one and show respect with emotions that you are the one who completes me.
Total Count 27Wife completes a man. Express your love to them. A true man always finds eternal love and purity in his wife. 
Total Count 28Friends are the most important part of anyone’s life. 28 white roses mean to show your cheerful and joyful thoughts.
Total Count 29People come and go but the special one always stays forever. Express your thoughts of positivity, purity, and remembrance. 
Total Count 30Convection, devotion, and loyalty towards any family member, cousin, or friend.
White rose varieties
White rose varieties
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 31If you want to ask someone in a graceful way, “would you be mine for your whole life?”
Total Count 32There are very few special people in our lives that we can say to them, “I love you till eternity”
Total Count 33To show affection to the sweetheart of your life and your mind.
Total Count 34It’s a feeling when you are getting started to like someone or be infatuated with.
Total Count 35Everything happens in a relationship. So, 35 white roses mean that you want to say sorry for any bad act or behavior. 
Total Count 36Special moments are difficult to find but easy to remember. Make it more special and remember them with 36 white roses.
Total Count 37If you truly love someone from the bottom and deepest part of your heart, then 37 white roses are the choice.
Total Count 38Say to them, I have never seen such beauty and charming personality in my life. You are the most gorgeous one I have ever seen.
Total Count 39The right person is everything in one’s life. Tell them with 39 white roses that they mean everything to you. 
Total Count 40When starting a new and serious relationship, express your thoughts of respect, purity, and emotions to the most important person in your life.
Single White Rose flower
Single White Rose flower
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 41Refresh your lovely romantic life with kind words and 41 white roses. It represents the best couple together.
Total Count 42Ready to make someone queen of your heart. Ask, “Will you marry me?” with true eternal love, respect, and emotions. 
Total Count 43It’s a support to a family member or a friend that I will always support you.
Total Count 44It’s the deepest level of any relationship when it becomes the destiny that only death can separate us.
Total Count 45In the relationship of people or between friends or family members, 45 white roses show eternal and undying love exists between them.
Total Count 46You are the one who rules my heart. You are my one and only romantic soul mate and heart’s desire.
Total Count 47The one and only person in life that I can share anything with you. You are the closest to my heart.
Total Count 48I am fully committed to you and will not change my mind at any stage of my life. 
Total Count 49I will love you the same till death as I started to love you from the beginning of our everlasting and pure love.
Total Count 50It is an expression to the love of your life that I totally love you without any reason or cause.
White Rose with leaves
White Rose with leaves
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 51You are the one who is always in my mind. I always think about you and become happy when you come to my mind.
Total Count 52No one can come between us. We are made for each other.
Total Count 53Trusted friends always help each other at difficult times.
Total Count 54We are a good family with all the happy people together.
Total Count 55I feel you my friend even if you do not say a word, I know what’s in your heart. 
Total Count 56It represents pure and eternal happiness and loves out of the heart and mind to your loved one. 
Total Count 57The journey is long my friend but we will be together with each other.
Total Count 58It took a while to understand each other but now we know it. 
Total Count 5959 white roses meaning to praise the beauty of your heartiest one.
Total Count 60You are not just beautiful but also intelligent and sharp-minded.
White Rose with blood
White Rose With Blood
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 61I love your attitude and attention of yours towards our relationship
Total Count 62This signifies the most respected person in your life.
Total Count 63It’s been a pleasure working with you.
Total Count 64Good to know that you are doing absolutely fantastic in your office.
Total Count 6565 white roses are used for respect with dignity to your younger ones.
Total Count 66Whatever happens in the world, it is not going to change my mind and love for you dear.
Total Count 67I cannot stop myself applauding and commending your true-hearted personality.
Total Count 68We were and will always be true friends.
Total Count 69It is a remembrance of the moment when we first met each other.
Total Count 70When couples have come a long way then 70 white roses are the right option. Use them for a platinum anniversary celebration. It means that the couple has completed 70 years of love with emotions and respect.

Language Of White Roses
Language Of White Roses
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 71How beautiful is our marriage that even after decades it stands as a testimonial of true love.
Total Count 72It is for showing gratitude and acknowledgment to the husband.
Total Count 73Peace and calmness should always be there in the world.
Total Count 74Some differences are there between us but we still care about you and our hearts are pure as the white rose.
Total Count 75It is my good luck that I have chosen you for my life journey.
Total Count 76Family is always the priority to take care of and remember them.
Total Count 77Trust, emotions, and respect are earned by one special person.
Total Count 78This number represents leading your team at any stage of your life.
Total Count 79I am happy with you and your presence makes me special.
Total Count 80I want you to be part of my new beginning in this difficult journey.
Open Blossom
Open Blossom
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 81I cannot even think of spending a moment without you.
Total Count 82History will remember our loving and respectful journey.
Total Count 83It is a hope of a good beginning and a trustful end of life.
Total Count 84Support and respect your team and people in every situation of life.
Total Count 85I trust you my friend and I know you trust me too.
Total Count 8686 white roses expresses that I am your love and there is no one I will allow to come before me in your life.
Total Count 87I love my whole family of wife and children.
Total Count 88Every human in this world tends to make mistakes and when done so 88 white roses will help you. It means that I am ashamed of what I have done.
Total Count 89Honor a deceased person with 89 white roses
Total Count 90A big bouquet of 90 white roses is for creating love and positive thoughts in a person’s mind and heart. 
meaning of white roses
Meaning Of White Roses
Number Of White RosesMeaning And Representation
Total Count 91I have got a lot more than what I thought and I want to thank you for that.
Total Count 92When you want to be acknowledged and honored by someone
Total Count 93If your heart gets warmed by thinking about someone.
Total Count 94Emotional about someone? Then 94 white roses are the best choice because it means that I feel something for you.
Total Count 95Serious about someone? Then choose 95 white roses as it shows the direct intention of approaching someone.
Total Count 96Praise someone’s heart’s beauty with deep affection for innocence and purity.
Total Count 97Get attracted by your partner’s beauty. It is for showing your thoughts to adore them.
Total Count 98It is a way to announce the power of love and respect to everyone.
Total Count 99My life is yours now till my last breath and I will love you all my life.
Total Count 100When you are in deep love or crazily attracted. It means that your souls are connected with each other and they are spiritually connected.
Total Count 356Loving every day is not enough. It signifies that I love you more than yesterday and I will keep loving you more with every single passing moment.

Varieties And Types Of White Roses With Its Meanings

  1. Garden Caramel Antike Rose White Meaning
  2. Rose Vitality White Meaning
  3. White Tibet Rose Meaning
  4. Rose White Polo Meaning
  5. White Rose Polar Star Meaning
  6. Rose Mondial White Meaning
  7. Rose Garden White O’Hara Meaning
  8. Rose Playa Blanca White Meaning
  9. White Rose Escimo  Meaning
  10. Rose Vendela White Meaning
  11. Garden Rose White Alabaster Meaning
  12. Majolica White Rose Meaning

Garden Caramel Antike Rose White Meaning

Carrying heavy petals with a circular shape and light unique fragrance, this is the most romantic white rose of all. White-colored petals with dark cream shades at the center make it unique and different from other white roses.

These are especially for wedding purposes or can be used in office vases. The petal’s edges are a bit sharp but look very nice and organized with each other. It becomes a large rose with overlapped petals with a light fragrance increasing its charmness and enchantress. This unique white rose is the sister of Romantic Antike.

Caramel Antike rose
Caramel Antike rose

Rose Vitality White Meaning

It has a unique and different look with rough petals. It has a 7 days vase life and has large long stems up to 50cm. These white roses are the most fragrant one among all and have a sweet look. 

White roses with high pleasant fragrances are tough to find. They also have a big creamy or buttery-centered bloom with an off-white shade.

This type of white rose is perfect for weddings or any special purpose. The fragrance of this flower is like a lavender scent.

Vitality white rose
Vitality white rose

White Tibet Rose Meaning

It totally reflects and gives us a sense of purity and pureness with everlasting remembrance of emotions. The name Tibet White is been inspired by the spiritual Asian regions. It is snow-white colored like a rose. 

This big rose flower has outer petals wide open which makes it graceful and elegant in the design of the structure. It has yellow and peach shades mixed up right in the middle which represents the beginning of a new era with eternal love and purity. This white rose when arranged in a bouquet looks pleasant and gives a sense of hope and better days.

Tibet White rose
Tibet White rose

Rose White Polo Meaning

Rose polo white is a mixture of several meanings. It signifies romance with luxury and elegance. This lovely flower is for soft-hearted people who support the new era of life with well wishes.

Talking about the body and design, the petals are far apart and distant. The color is light white mixed with a pleasant off-white shade. When opened, it forms a cup shape with every petal that can be seen clearly and thoroughly. It has a vase life of almost 9 to 12 days when cared for well. Its outermost petals are moderately curved from the ends.

Three Polo White
Three Polo White

White Rose Polar Star Meaning

The name itself defines the physical attributes of this flower. When gets opened, it becomes a large bloom. This is a star-shaped white colored with a bit off-white shade. The number of petals is usually high.

This white rose is also pure and gives the meaning of pure and eternal love without any cause. This one is elegant and has its own charisma like Escimo. Rose Polar Star White can also be arranged with roses or flowers which makes it very attractive and different.

Polar Star rose
Polar Star rose

Rose Mondial White Meaning

The message of this cute rose is to spread love, romance, and emotions. Mondial White Rose can be present at starting a new bond of a relationship or a deal. It symbolizes innocence and pure emotions.

The rose petals are dense and greater in number with perfectly arranged in a specific manner with peach shades in the center and off-white shade with a little greenish touch at the outer petals making it a multi-shaded white rose.

Its vase life is almost 10 to 12 days depending upon the care it gets. It looks more charming when presented in a big bouquet. When prepared in a bouquet, these roses become attractive and appealing.

Beautiful Mondial rose
Beautiful Mondial rose

Rose Garden White O’Hara Meaning

I personally feel that is the most beautiful and gorgeous white rose I have ever seen. It sums up all the feelings of a confused and excited heart that is trying to find a way out.

The petal arrangement is different from all the white roses. These can be found in various lengths of stems. It also contains a little green color touch at the outer petals Add some crispiness to your family life or office with White O’Hara.

These beautiful French flowers originally originated in Ecuador. 

White Rose o'hara
White Rose O’Hara

Rose Playa Blanca White Meaning

This special white rose has a clustered but beautiful center with organized outer petals. Playa Blanca is purely white like milk and gives us a bit of dark shade in the center which becomes a perfect combination of shades with white color. When opened, it has a double-hearted center. The shape and design of it look like a large snowflake.

It was named after the southernmost town of the Spanish island of Lanzarote. It originated in Ecuador. 

Playa Blanca white rose
Playa Blanca white rose

White Rose Escimo Meaning

Preparing for a snowy event, then Rose Escimo is the best choice for it. Its whiteness is pure and vibrant which differs from all the other white roses.

This flower is especially for snow-based events held at any place. It is a miniature small-headed white rose with a light fragrance. They can be used in bouquets and bud vases. It opens up in a star-shaped design that looks and feels like hope and a new beginning. 

Multiple Escimo Roses
Multiple Escimo Roses

Rose Vendela White Meaning

Vendela White’s name was inspired by a Norwegian-Swedish model Vendela Maria Kirsebom. Their special purpose is actually for weddings and special events like engagements. 

There are two petals at the outer part of the rose covering the whole flower. The inner petals are tightly packed with each other, hence giving the meaning of support and strength to each other. The light peach color is in the middle with all the petals colored white. If found in a bouquet of mixed roses, this flower always leads the way and looks prominently in the vase.

Vendela Rose
Vendela Rose

Garden Rose White Alabaster Meaning

It is a luxurious flower with creamy white petals. Alabaster white roses can live up to 10 days in the vase. It means that it can be used in the office or at any special event held by the family.

This beautiful and charming flower originally originated in Germany and it is from the Floribunda family of roses.

It also has a light fragrance of lilac-like Escimo and opens flat with a rosette shape with curled petals when opened. It has some pale yellow shades right at the center and it is the most everlasting white rose. 

White rose alabaster
White rose alabaster

Majolica White Rose Meaning

These are white color roses with white tints around their petals. They are ideal options for preparing a big bouquet of roses for a wedding or any special event.

Their blooms are small in size but are really engaging and adorable. Usually, each stem of White Majolica contains at least 5 roses. My heart gets warmed up when I see a big bouquet of these exceptionally beautiful flowers.

White Rose Majolica
White Rose Majolica

“What a lovely thing a rose is!”

“Arthur Conan Doyle


  1. What does a white rose Symbolise?

    Single White Rose new

    The white rose symbolizes eternal love with remembrance and emotions towards a person or group of people. Simplicity, honesty, and true attachment toward a person that is being respected and honored.

  2. Do white roses mean peace?

    White Roses big bouquet

    Absolutely yes. Initially, white roses were totally considered as the symbol of peace and respect and now it also reflects the meaning of love and purity.

  3. What is a white rose called?

    White rose varieties

    This exceptionally appealing and attractive flower is also known for some other names. Like the bridal rose because it shows new life and a positive approach.
    It is also termed Rosa-alba by the ancestors of Europe of old times. Rosa-alba is the scientific name of the white rose which is the emblem of the House of York or the white rose of York which was the house that fought.

  4. What is the white rose compared to?

    Polar Star rose

    White Roses represent and compared to pure soul, kind heart, honest people, and loveable person. It is the purest of the roses.

  5. What is the most popular white rose?

    Vendela Rose

    The most renowned and popular white rose is the Vendela rose. Vendela White’s name was inspired by a Norwegian-Swedish model Vendela Maria Kirsebom. Their special purpose is actually for weddings and special events like engagements. 

  6. What is a good white rose?

    Beautiful Mondial rose

    Depending upon the situation, but white rose Mondial is by far the good and best flower to pick and choose.

  7. What is the meaning of a single white rose?

    Single White Rose flower

    A single white rose is the loveliest way of expressing heart feelings directly to your sweetheart. It also means love at first sight.

  8. What do three white roses mean?

    Multiple White Roses

    You are the person who melted my heart. Crazily in love with you. I care about you or simply, “I Love You”.

Conclusion And Summing Up: Meaning Of White Roses

Starting from the meaning of white roses, then history, symbolism, scientific name, different number of white roses with their meanings, and then leading up to different types of white roses, all important and valuable information are being shared on our website for our users.

This beautiful and innocent flower has become such a key part of our lives that its presentation of it makes the environment special to feel. It gives us the emotion of purity and a sense of new life to begin. 

White roses belong to pure-hearted people who want to express and show their feeling of love and gratitude towards someone. To be very honest, I have never seen anything so meaningful and respectful as these roses.

I hope, I have succeeded to give you valuable information for you so you can find the meaning of white roses and select the best of them for your loved one. May you find peace and happiness in your life and home.

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by Shameer Shah
I am doing graduation and have been studying white roses for a while. I found it fascinating how much history is enriched by these flowers. So I want to share my knowledge with my users. Let me know if you guys want to find out more about white roses.

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